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Grab your favorite beverage or snack—it’s time to listen! Mercy Workshop will be hosting a virtual Girl's Night “IN” Thursday, May 6 at 8 PM EST. We want to invite you further into our story and closer into our hearts. This evening will give you a little taste of the Dominican culture interwoven with the stories of the women we serve. You will travel to the beach, to the exciting streets of Colonial Santo Domingo and finally to our outreach district in San Pedro.


The purpose of this night of stories is two-fold. First, we want you to learn more about Mercy, the work we do, and the work that is done in us at the WORKSHOP. The second reason is the Paloma Project. By purchasing a “ticket” to this event, you are making a donation to the Paloma Project. We are raising money to open a residential arm of our ministry. This will be a place where women can come, be safe, and set their feet firm in dignity and strength. By the time this evening is finished we hope you understand more fully our need for this project to be completed. We pray that you understand the women and their struggles more.


Click the link to purchase your ticket to the event and directly support the Paloma project!

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Cost $20



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