Join us in building permanent location for the Mercy Workshop. On this property we will also include studio apartments to provide safe housing for women who are victims of domestic abuse. Many of our women come off the street but continue in abusive and violent relationships.  These rooms will provide a safe space for them to recover as they begin to stand tall for themselves and their children!  

“Paloma” is the Spanish word for “Dove.” In Genesis, after the chaos of the Flood, while Noah, his family and all the creatures were on the ark, Noah sent out a dove. The Bible says that she returned having not found a place to set her feet. He sent her out again and she returned with an olive branch, then one more time and finally she found a home.  Paloma is also the name of a woman we met on outreach years ago. She was suffering on the streets and in the chaos and one day went home to her mother’s house. She called us on the phone to tell us two things. She was had accepted Christ and that she was dying from complications of HIV. Her voice on the phone was peaceful. She spoke with touches of joy in her conversation.  

The Paloma Project is named after this woman who found rest and a place to set her feet. Away from the streets back home with her family she was able to place her trust in Christ and finally set her feet in HIS presence. We are seeking to provide a short term home for the women needing to rest and recover from their abusive and exploitive situations.  It will also provide a permanent home for the Mercy Workshop.  

Allison Hale shares about the Paloma Project

Would you like to be a part of this amazing project and help make an eternal difference in many lives? The Lord has blessed us with a Donor who is willing to give $15,000 as a matching grant if we can raise $15,000 in a 30 Day Period. We are beginning this matching project on August 1, 2020! Can you imagine what God can do with $30,000 in 30 Days? If you would like to give to help make this project a reality, please click on the giving button below!

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