These pieces represent the spark and light of Santo Domingo, the capital city.  They are more upscale and add shimmer to your jewelry collection.  


*Approximately 24 inches in length. Can be worn single or double wrapped.  

Two colors : Turquoise crystal or black crystal 


Because each piece of M.E.R.CY Jewelry is handcrafted, there are variations to each piece. Your necklace will be unique and will not look exactly like the one in the photograph.

When you purchase an item from the M.E.R.CY Jewelry shop, you are helping to change lives. Your dollars are going directly to pay the salaries of the women making the jewelry, to support the upkeep and daily needs of the Safehouse and to expand the reach of the M.E.R.CY Jewelry ministry. 


*Shipping included in price

Crystal & Seed Bead Neckalace