These earrings are made from a super lightweight, laser-cut wood. The white design on the background of natural wood will turn any boring outfit into a fun look! Each earring has been finished off with a tiger’s eye bead on top and a gold seed bead on the bottom. We love to pair this with our Tiger’s Eye Necklace or our new, Coconut Bead and Pearl necklace!


This style hangs approximately 2.5 inches from the top of the finding to the base of the earring.


When you purchase an item from M.E.R.CY Jewelry, you are helping to change lives. Your dollars are going directly to pay the salaries of the women making the jewelry, to support the upkeep and daily needs of the Safehouse and to expand the reach of the M.E.R.CY Jewelry ministry. 


*Shipping included in price

Zebra Striped Earring