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San Pedro de Macoris is a large city on the southeastern side of the island.  Its location on the coast of the Dominican Republic has given it opportunities for advancement and during its early years it was a thriving city. San Pedro has not capitalized on tourism like other coastal towns have been able to do. Its principal economy is in the free zone factories as well as sugar production from the surrounding sugar cane plantations.  Because of the extreme poverty in San Pedro, women and teenagers have turned to prostitution as a way to provide for they families. The poverty has put them at risk for traffickers moving them from one area to another to supply the demand by sex tourism in other towns.  

M.E.R.CY Workshop outreach teams have found that most of the women in the streets of San Pedro are mothers trying to make enough money to feed and clothe their children. Pray for the women and children of San Pedro as they seek another life; one of dignity and honor.  

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